What We Do

  • Open communication

In order to work in rural areas of India, it is very important to encourage open communication. Students from the villages are shy to share their problems. So our team makes sure to have open conversations while focusing on the following points:

  1. What are the problems they are facing to access a good education?
  2. Is the necessary kind of information available and affordable?
  3. What are the hindrances perceived in rural India?
  4. Which educational fields are they aware of?
  5. Are their families supportive?
  • Science and Technology Awareness Seminar

From time to time, we organize science awareness programs, where we talk about the latest scientific developments. To deliver the information properly, we use interactive audio/visual presentations and real demonstrations follow. In the end of the seminar, we put a query session where students can ask their questions and share their ideas.

  • Where we work

We work in the remote, rural, underdeveloped areas. In general, we work in the areas that are not addressed by the mainstream development of the cities of India.

  • Women empowerment

India has plenty of human resources; so much so that the World Bank thinks India has the potential to become the human resource capital of the world. Yet, the 2011 Census report indicated that literacy among the women consists of only 65,46% , much lower than the men’s 82,14% as per Census 2011 (National average is 74.04). Our organization works on various levels to bring women into the mainstream of development in order to diminish India’s gender inequality in education.

  • Science with humanities

The future of education demands individuals, who do not only understand the hard sciences but also core soft sciences, such as history, philosophy, literature and arts. The idea is not to pre-set preferences to some subjects over others, but integrate both sciences as never before to keep human society evolving with the Fourth Revolution. For technology to deliver on its promise of human betterment, it needs strong human minds to guide it. We are proud to say that our organization is working towards that goal.

  • Online help

We can be reached via mail, e-mail and social media. Any student can share their path with us 24/7. We try to help them overcome the obstacles they might encounter as quickly as possible.