State of the art education, Rural youth development, Women empowerment

Donate for education

Education is the only way out of poverty. We need your help to provide education.

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Connect Rural India with the World

64% of India’s population is in the villages. The rural areas are factually the pillar of Indian society.

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Empowering Women

We need to empower every individual rural Indian prospect student. Especially women need to receive more attention when it comes to education in rural areas.

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Help us to give them the chance to grow

In every individual young student is a potential that asks us as a society to give the means to unlock it. It is in the nature of this process that this unlocked potential will be to the benefit of absolutely everyone.

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Donate for Digital Infrastructure

State of the art education is going digital, so help us to build digital classes by donating computers, projectors etc.

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Our Volunteers

Ashvani Srivastava

Dinesh Singh

Arjun Wadhawan



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